Class Information

Course length and content may vary from state to state.

Tuition and Financial Arrangements

For specific tuition information or tuition financing assistance, please contact the location you are interested in. Tuition covers all general tuition and fees for the course. Many locations offer financing options that allow monthly payment plans. Contact the school of your choosing and ask for details.

The tuition fee includes all of the following:

  • Textbook Access: “Modern Dental Assisting”, Torres & Ehrlich; (2005); Elsevier Publishing.
  • Syllabus: ATS Assist In Dentistry To Succeed In Life; ATS Partners Publishing.
  • All training and visual aids, materials and dental supplies used in the clinical training.
  • Job Placement assistance and referral service. We have many dentists call, asking for our students and we will refer you to them during the course.
  • Use of all equipment and instrumentation with actual “hands on” training during the course of study. There are no hidden costs or expenses once you get started.
  • Training in all aspects of General Dental assisting, including dental specialties.
  • A Certificate in Dental Assisting and a letter of recommendation will be given, upon request, outlining your training and experience will be awarded to all students who have attained a 85% or above grade average.
  • Job Interview training and coaching.
  • All training is done by dental professionals in an actual practicing dental office, not just a classroom.

The length of course and class requirements will vary depending on your state’s specific requirements. Please contact the location you wish to attend for specific course requirements. Course instruction will include lectures as well as clinical “hands on” training. At home study will also be required during the week.